Adjustable Head Pad Dock Seals

Designed to suit door openings up to 8' W x 10' H (2438mm x3048mm) to 9' W x 10' H (2743mm x 3048mm), the Adjustable Head Pad Dock Seal's design can accommodate a. variety of trailer heights. The foam head pad is raised and lowered on a track roller system while the torsion spring with integral follower curtain makes it easy to create a tight seal. By sealing all gaps that could let in water or dust, the Adjustable Head Pad Dock Seal protects employees and cargo during the cross-docking process.

Highest Quality Standards

Galvanized spring canopy protects the spring mechanism from the elements, enabling all-weather usage

Foam side pads are available in square and beveled pads to enable conformity with typical trailers

Double-stitching on all seams

18" (457mm) corner pleats

Tapered at bottom of pads to eliminate bumper pinch

A wide range of durable fabrics is available to suit all application requirements

Blue Giant compression dock seals create a foam-filled compression around a trailer's top and sides, supporting energy efficiency and climate control. Save money in reduced energy costs and increase productivity by enabling a safe and comfortable working environment