Fixed Head Pad Dock Seals

Designed to suit door openings up to 8' W x 8' H (2438mm x2438mm) to 9' W x 9' H (2743mm x 2743mm), the Fixed Head Pad Dock Seal provides airtight protection when servicing trailers of consistent height. When in use, the fixed head pad dock seal enables an energy-efficient seal that keeps facilities free of airborne contaminants, pests, and inclement weather conditions.

Two foam side pads and one foam head pad wrap around the trailer opening, eliminating the gap between the building and the trailer

Polyurethane foam compresses to conform to the trailer's shape during use, and resumes its original size and shape upon completion

18" (457mm) corner pleats

Double-stitching on all seams

Tapered at bottom of pads to eliminate bumper pinch

A wide range of durable fabrics is available to suit all application requirements

Highest Quality Standards

Blue Giant compression dock seals create a foam-filled compression around a trailer's top and sides, supporting energy efficiency and climate control. Save money in reduced energy costs and increase productivity by enabling a safe and comfortable working environment