Amarr® 2742

Amarr's® top-of-the-line high R-value door is constructed with a thermal break, and uses foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation creating a strong monolithic panel that is energy efficient. It comes with a 10-year warranty and has a max std. width of 40' 2" and a max std. height of 26' 1".  The door is 2" (5.1cm) thick.

Rapid Install Vertical Lift
Rapid Install Vertical Lift Track System

Time is money!  Designed for Amarr® commercial warehouse and dock doors; saves approximately 20 minutes installation time.  Click on the image or click here to learn more about the Rapid Install Vertical Lift Track System.

Door Section Profile
Pencil Groove
Construction Detail

All Amarr® Doors are available with both 2" or 3" track in Standard Lift, High Lift, Vertical Lift, Low Headroom, and Follow the Roof Pitch.  Custom track configurations are also available.  Doors come with galvanized steel hinges and track brackets.  All rollers have minimum 10-ball bearings.  Torsion springs are oil tempered, helical would and custom computed for each door for a minimum 10,000 cycle life.  Optional springs are available up to 100,000 cycle life.

Window Options
24_12 insulated.jpg

24" x 12" Insulated

26_13 insulated.jpg

26" x 13" Insulated

24_8 insulated.jpg

24" x 8" Insulated

24_6 insulated.jpg

24" x 6" Insulated

Full View.jpg

Full View