Amarr® 4400

Designed specifically for counter, these doors come standard with 10" brackets, 20,000 cycle oil tempered torsion springs, and box shaped guides for a clean and professional appearance.  The Amarr® 4400 Series is available in steel, stainless steel, and anodized aluminum to fit most counter door specification requirements.  Furthermore, the 4400 series is designed to secure the retail counter opening and provide a clean, professional appearance while open or closed.  The door comes with a 2-year warranty.  Please reach out to us for possible door dimensions.

Choice of Operations
Chain Hoist 4000.jpg

Chain Hoist

Electric_Opener 4000.jpg

Electric Operator

* Also comes with the options of "Push Up" and "Crank" operation as well.

Slat Profile Options
10 Slat 4500 Door.jpg

Number 10 Slat

AE128 4400 Door.jpg


Technical Features
Extruded Aluminum 4400.jpg

Extruded Aluminum Guides with Quiet Strip