Amarr® 4300

For a clean look that provides maximum visibility and outstanding security, the Amarr® 4300 Series Rolling Grilles have the strength to assure property protection.  The Amarr® series is manufactured to combine ease of installation and use with aesthetically pleasing open air security.  The 4300 Series Rolling Grille is ideal for applications requiring a combination of security, visibility and airflow.  The door comes with a 3-year warranty.  Please reach out to us for possible door dimensions.

Choice of Operations
Chain Hoist 4000.jpg

Chain Hoist

Electric_Opener 4000.jpg

Electric Operator

* Also comes with the options of "Push Up" and "Crank" operation as well.

Technical Features
Extruded Aluminum Rod 4300.jpg

Extruded Aluminum Rods and 1/8" Thick Links

Extruded Aluminum Guides 4300.jpg

Extruded Aluminum Guides and Bottom Bar

Extruded Aluminum Barrel.jpg

Extruded Aluminum Barrel

Auto Floor Level 4300.jpg

Automatic Floor Level Locking Upon Close

Opt. Aluminum Telescope 4300.jpg

Optional Extruded Aluminum Telescoping Support Tubes