Amarr® 5601

Engineered for heavy-duty applications, the Amarr® 5601 is a great door for most docks or warehouses.  The 5601 Series features dual galvanized steel slide bolt locks, 12-gauge steel wall mounting brackets, steel bearing shaft support, 12" drums enclosed in a full width galvanized steel barrel, and heavy-duty galvanized steel guides, all of which make it the perfect option for most commercial rolling sheet door requirements.  The door comes with a 25-year warranty.  Please reach out to us for possible door dimensions.

Choice of Operations

Chain Hoist

Chain Hoist 5501.jpg

A reduced drive chain hoist for smoother operation is standard on all door sizes over 10' x 10'.

Electric Operator Kit

Electric_Motor_Operation 5501.jpg

The electrical operation kit includes a sprocket and torque struts that equip the door for wall mounted jackshaft electric operators.

Technical Features
Dual Bolts 5501.jpg

Dual Galvanized Steel Slide Bolt Locks

Wear Strip 5501.jpg

Exterior (and Interior) Wear Strip

Steel Guides 5501.jpg

Galvanized Steel Guides

5601 wall mounting bracket.jpg

12 Gauge Wall Mounting Bracket