Elevating Dock Lifts

Blue Giant lift products can be built in virtually any size and capacity required for the application.  They provide the ability to service trucks at any height and can also offer access to ground level for fork trucks.  Pit mounted dock lifts are capable of height adjustments between 0" and 59" (1,500mm).  Greater efficiency can be achieved by utilizing a dock lift wide enough to allow side-by-side pallet loading.

Dock Lifts - LoMaster™
Warehouse Dock Lifts
warehouse dock lift

Blue Giant LoMaster™ Dock Lifts are available in a range of sizes and lifting capacities to accommodate a variety of loading dock applications.  By eliminating the need to manually transfer cargo from the trailer bed to the ground, they improve productivity, safety, and efficiency at all loading bays.

In-Plant Lifts

Blue Giant In-Plant Lifts are recommended solutions for ground-level applications inside plants, warehouses, and storage facilities.  In-plant lifts improve employee safety by eliminating the need to manually transport freight from the truck bed to the ground.  All Blue Giant single and double scissor units are available in sizes and capacities to suit a variety of loading dock applications.

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