HingeMaster™ Dock Shelters

Highest Quality Standards

Interchangeable polypropylene J-hooks

21" (533mm) projection

22oz. Hi-Tear vinyl base fabric

Durable head unit made from pressure-treated lumber and measuring 140" (3556mm) W, with a 36" (914mm) head curtain

Two vertical foam side pads with removable curtains for ease of maintenance

High-visibility yellow guide stripes

Replaceable foam bottom pads for easy maintenance and secure sealing

Generally designed to accommodate 10' W by 10.5' H door openings (3048mm W x 3200.4mm H), the HingeMaster™ is a full-access dock shelter with superior sealing efficiency.

When barn-style trailer doors are open, the hinge gap around the sides creates the spatial equivalent of a 2 1/2 square foot opening in the building wall. The HingeMaster™ J-hooks seal off this negative space, preventing debris entry and loss of conditioned air. The result is a tight top-to-bottom side seal that does not limit access to the trailer interior.

Blue Giant Dock Shelters differ mainly on their impactability levels. Each model provides unrestricted access to the trailer interiors, enabling efficient loading and unloading while keeping out rain, snow, and debris.