Blue Giant Eagle VI Series

The Blue Giant Eagle VI Series has an innovative blade design that moves more air with less energy. The six-airfoil system increases air velocity in summer and de-stratifies hot air pockets in winter, resulting in an energy cost reduction of up to 30%. In many cases a return on investment can be achieved in under two years.

Eagle VI Series HVLS fans keep indoor temperatures at comfortable levels in warehouses, sporting facilities, open-concept offices, and other high-ceiling locations. Specifying an Eagle VI model for a new construction project can also reduce building costs by lowering required HVAC tonnage and duct work.

Highest Quality Standards

Blade sizes of 12' (3.6m) to 24' (7.4m) propel air effectively through extra-large spaces

Drop perceived temperatures up to 15°F, increasing comfort and productivity

Rated noise level of less than 45dBA

Extension bars available to ensure capability with most sites