Blue Giant Falcon III Series

The Blue Giant Falcon III Series was designed to optimize temperatures in more compact environments as opposed to the Eagle IV Series, which is for more open-spaced areas. The smallest unit in the range covers 2,827 sq. ft. while the largest covers over 15,300 sq. ft., keeping employees refreshed and productive in smaller warehouses, retail outlets, and offices.

The Falcon III Series has a three-airfoil system that delivers quiet yet comfortable air movement, reducing perceived temperatures by up to 15°F and lowering HVAC costs by up to 30%. In many cases a return on investment can be achieved in under two years.

Highest Quality Standards

Blades sizes of 6' (1.8m) to 14' (4.3m) propel impressive volumes of air

Easy to install and maintain

Helps to reduce condensation, mold, and corrosion

Rated noise level of less than 45dBA

Costs pennies an hour to operate