Molded Rubber Bumpers

Blue Giant Sentinel Series Molded Rubber dock bumpers protect the loading dock, building wall, and incoming trucks from impact damage. Ideal for lower-intensity applications. The bumpers are manufactured from reinforced prime rubber and have an average impact recovery of 98%, ensuring solid and dependable loading dock protection. Each bumper has pre-drilled mounting holes for easy installation and only requires 3/4" (19mm) anchor bolts.

Highest Quality Standards

2", 3", 4" or 6" (51mm, 76mm, 102mm or 152mm) projection available

Supports horizontal or vertical installations

Wide range of sizes to suit different applications

Available models include:

     1. BG-MT422-22 (4" x 22" x 22"/102mm x 559mm x 559mm)

     2. BG-M410-13T (4" x10" x13"/102mm x 254mm x 330mm)

     3. BG-M410-30 (4" x12" x13"/102mm x 305mm x 330mm)

     4. BG-ML418-18 (4" x 8" x 18"/102mm x 457mm x 457mm)

     5. BG-M410-30 (4" x 10" x 30"/102mm x 254mm x 762mm)

     6. BG-M345-30 (3" x 4 1/2" x 30"/76mm x 102mm x 762mm)

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