Slim Profile LED Traffic Lights

Designed for all shipping and receiving areas, the Blue Giant Slim Profile LED light improves loading dock safety by helping truck drivers accurately back trailers into loading docks.

The sealed, low profile fixture is impact-resistant, weatherproof, and temperature-tolerant. The LED light system is an excellent alternative to traditional incandescent guide lights, while the single piece construction provides easy installation.

Highest Quality Standards

1/2" (51mm) thick high-density polyethylene

20 Red LED's and 20 Green LED's set in 4" (102mm) circles

Low profile design

Will not rust, pit, or corrode

LED's are good for 100,000 hours or 10 years of continuous use

Provides a high quality light with no glare

Uses 30% less energy than traditional dock lights

No need to replace bulbs or lenses

1-year limited warranty on entire unit

Requires 24V or 120V (CSA Approved)