VL Dock Leveler

Companies lose an average of one ton of refrigerated air per dock door per year-when they use pit levelers instead of vertical dock levelers. The Blue Giant VL dock leveler helps preserve internal temperatures, lowering cooling costs and preventing product spoilage. When not in use, the VL dock leveler is parked in the upright position, allowing the overhead door to close completely and prevent unauthorized access to the building

Available in rated capacities of 30,000 to 60,000lbs (13,636 to 27,215kgs)
Structural Integrity

A minimum of six heavy-duty U-beam channels are welded to the underside of the deck at dynamic impact points, preventing "dishing" and extending the life of the dock leveler by up to 50% compared to competitor models.

Highest Quality Standards

IntelliTilt™ technology uses a precision-based inclinometer to ensure safe and accurate dock positioning

SmartFloat™ allows the deck to seamlessly match trailer movement during loading and unloading

The unique EasyClean™ deck hinge configuration has no dirt entrapment points

SoftPark™ protective cushioning shields the deck cylinder, preserving equipment integrity

Controlled by the Blue Genius™ Gold Series I Touch Control Panel

Platform flexes up to 4" (102mm) under load, maintaining full-width contact between the lip and the truck bed

Inverted deck cylinder self-bleeds continually, reducing internal corrosion and increasing velocity fuse efficiency

Hydraulic velocity fuse limits free-fall of a loaded platform

1HP motor is equipped with overload protection

Continuous one-piece headboard system intensifies the strength of the deck's front structure

Single lip hinge pin enables a stronger distributed load

3" (76mm) run-off guards keep forklifts properly positioned