About Wakefern Foods & ShopRite

Wakefern Food Corp. buys, warehouses, merchandises, and transports products for ShopRite stores and provides countless additional support services to ensure customer satisfaction. Today, 50 Wakefern cooperative members own and operate more than 250 ShopRite supermarkets across New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. Additionally, Shoprite Supermarkets, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Wakefern Food Corp., operates 33 stores in NY and NJ.

ShopRite stores are some of the highest volume stores in the supermarket industry today. Through more than 60 years of service, it has built its reputation as a low-price leader, while offering the 7 million customers it serves each week unprecedented variety and customer service.

Wakefern Foods Distribution Center

Project Highlights


Rytec Hi-Speed Doors

252 Overhead Dock Doors

One Overhead Drive-In Door

New Jersey, Building #1:

114 Blue Giant Hydraulic Dock Levelers

4 Overhead Drive-In Doors

114 Head Curtain Dock Seals

114 Overhead Dock Doors

New Jersey, Building #2:

191 Overhead Dock Doors

Guard Rail System

19 Rasco BUG Blocker Screen Doors

191 Galvanized Metal Rain Hoods

New Jersey, Building #3:

20 Blue Giant Hydraulic Dock Levelers